About Our Agency

About Our Company

We believe that every business needs a digital marketing agency that understands it, and has their goals in mind when creating a web marketing strategy. 

At Virtual Ninjas PH, our business model focuses on designing your strategy, thinking about how to get more sales, more prospects, and more quality traffic for your website. We work hard and smart so that our results and yours, improve over time. 

As a web marketing agency, our best interest is getting you free, high-quality traffic. Once you sign up for your first campaign with us, our web marketing experts will do a site audit for you and make suggestions on the improvements you can make to start climbing positions in the search results. Over time, you will see how more and more users visit your website when doing searches related to the products or services you offer.

You’ll also receive advanced web analytics service. On a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, our digital marketing experts send you an extensive report, detailing the efforts that are being made through digital advertising, SEO, and showing important trends on your website. You’ll also receive suggestions on how to improve the results of your current efforts, such as advanced targeting strategies, changes to make on your website to improve your conversion rate, and much more.

And because we work to make your business prosper, we give emphasis to transparent results focused on your business. We design our work model and methodologies, to help you get more quotes, sales, and money in your pocket. Our results are completely transparent. You can know exactly how much you are paying per click, thousands of impressions, likes, and most importantly, cost per goal. This last metric is what guides our optimization decisions. If we can get you more sales for the same advertising budget, better for your company and us. In this way, we do not have 2 different goals (as a web marketing agency and client) but we go together towards the same goal.

Let our team help you to achieve your business goals.

Excellent Support
Our customer service center are always ready to help. We value professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude. Feel free to contact us anytime.
Awesome Team
Our effective teams are successful because we are more than a collection of individuals who happen to be working together. When people collaborate, the total becomes larger than the sum of its parts.
Faster Performance
Speed is important because it allows us to create and deliver far more quickly than we could with traditional technologies and working methods.

Our Vision

Deliver the WOW factor through our services by providing the greatest customer results possible.

Our Valuable Clients

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